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I tried to flatten the site completely before even thinking

A couple of years ago I Canada Goose sale decided I needed a shed so I started rough designing a canada goose outlet online wood framed one to work out pricing. The only problem was that the metal shed was 5 feet high, and I’m a bit over 6. The obvious answer is to raise the shed or lower the floor, and since the spot I wanted the shed to sit was canada goose outlet store sloped, I did a bit of both.(Another thing to thing about at this point is local building code. This means if you like you can just dig four holes, set your posts and get started on the shed. I tried to flatten the site completely before even thinking about the shed. but it was hard not to be lazy. In the end I got most of the digging done before I couldn’t resist setting the posts (I used pressure treated 4″x4″ posts about 5 feet high I bought a couple of 10 foot ones but if you keep looking, and asking to see the cull lumber at your local lumber yard you’re likely to find some4 5 foot straight enough posts to use). Then I had to finish the digging with the posts in canada goose outlet toronto factory the way. and even then the shed, that was sitting in it’s box beside my hole, lured me into putting it together before the “floor” was as flat as I’d like canada goose black friday sale it to be. canada goose outlet Hopefully cheap canada goose uk some of that time involved a canada goose coats tape measure, if not now is the time. I try to get each hole the size of a 80 pound pre mix cement bag so that I can just buy 6 bags. This makes the holes about 12 inches square and 18 in. Start with any corner cheap canada goose (better to pick the one that is most important to get right), drop in the 4×4 treated post and hold it plumb (straight up down). I drove in two stakes perpendicular to each other and screwed a piece of 2×4 from each stake to the post to hold it but if you have a better method go for it. Mix up a bag of cement and pour it in the hole using canada goose outlet sale canada goose black friday sale a broom handle or piece of steel canada goose outlet rod to tamp Canada Goose Coats On Sale it down. This is pretty easy (i’m hoping you have a level, I used a 48″ one). I bought four 2″x10″x12′ as flat, straight, untwisted, unbowed as the lumber store could produce (not treated as these are above the ground) and screwed the first one in so that the top face was just above the top of the post. Then screw in the other end so that the top face is level. continue this all the way around the shed base, trimming the 2×10′s to fit as needed. If any of the posts are higher than the top face of the 2×10 it will need to canada goose outlet nyc be trimmed, or the 2×10′s raised. Some of the shed base canada goose outlet canada goose uk black friday canada was going to be underground so I wanted to add a bit of waterproofing canada goose outlet jackets and I had some black plastic poly sheet so I screwed down the 2×4′s on Canada Goose Jackets top of the plastic then folded it out over the 2×4′s and trimming the excess plastic afterwards. As luck would have it I saw some cheap 4×8 sheets ofpretend wood siding as I was on my canada goose outlet online uk way to price the T1 11. T1 11 or another type of plywood would probably have been better but the price was good enough for me to think, “If I have to replace it some time it won’t be too hard”. The first photo below shows the concrete blocks canada goose outlet uk that I placed to give buy canada goose jacket cheap the skirting a bit of support against the backfilling I needed to do on two sides of the shed.

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