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Mctyre has received reports from the nomadic Galgaduud region

Camps of the displaced and hungry are once again growing daily in southern Somalia.

The UN’s World Food Programme estimates that so far some 30,000 Somalis have fled their homes. Overall, UN agencies caution that one million people now face food shortages this year in the central and southern regions of Somalia with one third of that number at “very high risk”.

Here in Baar Dheere town in Gedo region, dozens of families have trekked up to 100 km to seek assistance. Each day more trickle in. Many abandoned Raxole, 75 km to the east in Bay region, after five harvests in succession failed, then water holes dried up or became contaminated. A recent upsurge of fighting also brought fears of raids by clan militias.

The Raxole villagers come from the Rahanwein clan which suffered the brunt of the 1992 famine when up to 300,000 people, many of them children, perished.

“If these people were left as they were in 92, they would all die no doubt about it,” Roger Carter, UNICEF emergency officer in Baar Dheere, told IRIN.

The crisis is running to the same calendar canada goose outlet new york city as the last famine, also caused by insecurity and a sequence of bad harvests. At that time humanitarian food reached buy canada goose jacket cheap the interior by July too late to save many. This time around, Carter and his UNICEF team have been distributing Supermix since November. Under fives have been immunised at the same time as food is distributed each fortnight.

To drive out through the villages is a haunting experience. Farm tools and possessions have been abandoned in neat beehive huts. Residents apparently left in a hurry, carrying only infants and what utensils they could.

Stiff, canada goose outlet sale shrivelled stalks of sorghum bear testament to the fact that many did not even have to wait to see whether there would be a harvest this January.

Some children as well as adults among the canada goose outlet canada Raxole peasants were very sick in Baar Dheere’s camps, particularly the new cheap canada goose uk arrivals. UNICEF says December surveys showed overall malnutrition rates at 20 per cent in Bay and Bakool, with 5 7 per cent severe.

In separate camps around Baar canada goose outlet parka Dheere are hundreds of displaced from Sacco, 80 km to the south, where two rival Rahanwein clans have been locked in a bitter feud for three months.

Others again are the long term displaced, Marehan nomads who lost their stock or Rahanwein farmers who never returned home after the 1992 famine. Humanitarian sources say all these communities are vulnerable, especially as the region’s economy is expected to deteriorate further in the coming months.

The IDPs have spread canada goose coats far and wide in southern Somalia, often beyond the reach of humanitarian aid. IRIN also visited Jilib, canada goose outlet shop on the Jubba River and 380 km south of Mogadishu. Here, both children and adults perished on the 200 km road from Raxole. One mother lost three of her children, relatives said. Cases of kwashiorkor, marasmus, respiratory diseases, scabies, diarrhoea and malaria all these conditions appeared to be present in the sad camps of Jilib.

Jilib appeared quiet, but remains off limits to international UN workers and many NGOs. This is due to its position on the thoroughfare for militias on their way to attack rivals in Kismayu, about 100 km away, where fighting has recently flared again. Nor has humanitarian aid reached many pockets of IDPs seen on the road north along the River Shebelle. Many of these families were from around Baidoa and Burhakaba.

IDPs canada goose coats on sale were seen eating animal hides, bananas and mangoes which they begged or earned by labouring on local farms, chopping wood or weaving mats known as da’ar.

The Raxole people in Baar Dheere and Jilib said their decision to Canada Goose online abandon their farms came after the short Deyr rains failed in late 1998. The first day of rain had come in early October, when they sowed their red sorghum seed. It did not rain again for weeks, causing considerable seed loss. They sowed again, but in a reduced area since they could afford less seed the second time around. It rained for a few days in November, enough to germinate, but was dry after that. The sorghum died on the stalk.

The latest failed Deyr crop follows four previous failed harvests since early canada goose outlet online 1997. The Deyr season of late 1997 coincided with severe ‘El Nino’ floods across southern Somalia, which damaged not only farms but also wells and water catchments, roads and irrigation channels. Other ills followed, such as rodent infestations and livestock diseases. (Following an outbreak of Rift Valley Fever in the south, Saudi Arabia imposed a ban on all Somali livestock, undermining the economy’s most lucrative export, particularly from the north).

The area of Raxole, in Bay region, is at the epicentre of a drought that Leslie Mctyre of UNICEF first noticed in June last year. Soon after that he filed his first report of people moving off the land.

“It spread like an ink blot outwards from a triangle between Baidoa, Qansax Dheere and Dinsor,” Mctyre, UNICEF’s resident project officer in central Somalia, canada goose clearance told IRIN. In the last eight months it canada goose outlet has spread out between and canada goose factory outlet beyond the Jubba and Shebelle rivers and into Canada Goose Coats On Sale the central regions of Galgaduud and canada goose black friday sale Mudug.

The joint UN NGO Food Security Assessment Unit (FSAU) workers on the ground forecast poor sorghum and maize harvests in rain fed areas following almost total failure of the Deyr rains in late 1998. Mctyre has received reports from the nomadic Galgaduud region of many camels dying an indication of the drought’s severity. Even the two rivers are noticeably low. At Jowhar, the Shebelle is so shallow a man can walk across it.

In Jilib, local farmers from the Bantu and other farming communities are anxious. Even though they farm up to the Jubba’s banks, their crops are still mainly rainfed or flood canada goose outlet in usa recession, lift irrigation being a rarity in comparison with the gravity irrigation of the Shebelle. They said they had exhausted their food stocks and did not expect to obtain good harvests, due either to drought or conversely flood damage. River banks and dykes canada goose outlet store uk along the Jubba, as well as the Shebelle, are ever more prone to bursting due to lack of maintenance this decade.

In Middle Jubba, rodent infestations following last year’s floods further exaccerbated the problem.


Flying over southern Somalia, the eerily deserted landscape is dotted with water holes as dry as lunar craters.

Displaced people said their second reason for leaving their homes was lack of water. By 1992, the water infrastructure of southern canada goose black friday sale Somalia was well on its way towards crisis. Last year, the El Nino floods damaged, silted up or contaminated many of the remaining wells and water holes.

Insecurity, lack of funds or spare parts, even alarming reports that water resources are being vandalised by clan enemies as they were in the 1991 2 civil war have prevented local maintenance of wells and water catchments.

Roger Carter paints a picture of the near collapse of water resources. In Bay’s Qansax Dheere town, for example, he describes how one borehole serves some 20,000 residents. The pipe is corroded and can be pumped for only 20 minutes at a time.

“If the borehole broke down, the whole town would have no choice but to move immediately,” says Carter. UNICEF has taken the initiative and contracted Somalis from the town to repair the borehole, averting a potential catastrophe at a cost of just US $700.

All the displaced, cheap canada goose interviewed by IRIN, complained of insecurity although it does not compare with 1991 2, when rival Daarod and Hawiye militias devastated the south. Yet today’s feuds can still drive large population movements.

Some of those in Baar Dheere had fled in fear from the vicinity of Sacco, south along the Jubba River, where two sub clans have been involved in a bitter feud for the last three months.

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